It’s me, Caitlin Arlene!

I absolutely love you.

Not you specifically. But ‘you’ as in the general population. People. Lives. Your experiences. Your stories.

It’s not merely because I am certifiably fuelled by social interaction, but because I am just so interested in what you have to say. Listening to a stranger’s story -whether it’s your entire life’s journey or a tiny snippet of your day- gives me genuine joy. If I’ve chatted with you on the street or met you in a coffee shop, you can be sure that your story now occupies a little piece of my heart.

My mission is to share the love of personal stories with the world. I advocate for the impact that paying attention to someone else can have on your life. The second that we open our eyes to the details of someone’s story is the very same moment that we ourselves grow. Caring about that small glimpse into another life will change the way we respect others, treat ourselves, and understand the world around us.

Career Highlights

Little Lexi’s Spots

2017, First Class Press

Professional Writing Diploma

2018, Algonquin College

Mama – True Stories of Maternal Health in Africa

2021, Atmosphere Press

My first publication is a children’s book titled Little Lexi’s Spots. It’s a rhyming tale about a little ladybug who discovers confidence in her choice of clothing. It’s available on Amazon, and Indigo. Send me a message for signed copy here!

Mama – True Stories of Maternal Health in Africa, is a heart-turning compilation of testimonies from mothers, children, midwives, and community members in the warm heart of Africa. Offering an eye-opening glimpse into the reality of maternal and infant mortality and the efforts necessary to overcome barriers to health, Mama is full of heartbreak and hope. Available soon! Stay tuned for a publication date!

I graduated in 2018 with a diploma in Professional Writing, and have been in the field ever since. With several articles published in various newspapers and magazines, I have also written for international audiences through Relief and Rehabilitation agencies.