Order Little Lexi’s Spots Today!

Little Lexi Ladybug loves her little spots!

But what will Little Lexi do when others share their thoughts?

Meet Little Lexi – a spotty little ladybug with a real sense of style. When her friends begin to offer their own fashion advice, Little Lexi Ladybug has to make a big decision.

Little Lexi’s Spots is a fully illustrated children’s book, perfect for the read-along crowd. Parents, teachers, and kids alike will appreciate the familiar situations and easy, rhyming story. This creative tale is perfect for children ages 3 to 6, or from Kindergarten to Grade 2!

Purchase a copy for yourself and all your little ones!

Click here to Order on Amazon
Check out The Connections Bookstore
Contact me for a signed copy!


Want to be featured? Send me a picture of you and your little one reading Little Lexi’s Spots! I would LOVE to know what you think.

As always, 

Caitlin Arlene


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