Where the story starts

I have so many stories to share.

Every day, my mind swirls with new words, new poems, new thoughts.

The inspiration is the people. The happy ones, the hurting ones, the ones who are everything in between. Those whose stories I can only imagine, and those whose stories I can barely fathom. They are the lifeblood of every single letter and every single line.

I believe that every story is important.

I believe that there are painful stories in this world that are silenced by anonymity and poverty and injustice. I believe that there are joyful stories that are overlooked by activity and prosperity and lack of time to care.

But I care. And I think that a lot of others would care too, if only they could hear the stories.

The story starts with us. The story starts with me. The story starts with this world.

The story starts here.

As always, 

Caitlin Arlene


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