Introducing Gladys

Everybody, meet Gladys.

Her weathered hands have raised nine children, the youngest of which is three years old.

Though she’s been a mother for nearly 30 years, Gladys told me she’s learned more about raising healthy children in the past three years than she had in the 27 prior.


Because of the Maternal Health project that has been introduced to her village.

The project is multi-faceted and complex, but one significant element is the introduction of backyard gardens. Gladys showed me hers, full and flourishing with various types of fruits and vegetables. The growth of her garden saves money while ensuring that her children don’t go a day without proper nourishment.

“Before, my children were malnourished and very weak. But I’ve learned ways to make sure that my children are properly fed and strong. Now they are able to stay in school!” -Gladys

The impact that a simple garden has on a family and its community is incredible to see. For Gladys, it has meant that she can be confident in her children and their future.

“I want my children to be healthy. And I want them to be wise,” she told me, smiling with confidence. Her hope is contagious; her story is inspiring.

I can’t wait to share more about Gladys and other women like her soon! Stay tuned!

As always, 

Caitlin Arlene


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