It’s Finally Here!

Add it to your calendars – Mama: True Stories of Maternal Health in Malawi is to be released on October 22, 2021!

This date comes exactly three years after my return from my preliminary research trip to Malawi. Would you believe that my final interview for this book actually took place on October 22, 2018? It’s true!

So, after a year of writing, a year of submitting, and a year of the publishing and editing process, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Mama is officially in print!

Here’s a quick synopsis:

While working on an international development article as a summer student, author Caitlin Arlene was shocked to discover the desperate statistics surrounding global maternal health. Every day, approximately 830 women die due to preventable complications in pregnancy and childbirth. The same day will bear nearly 6,700 neonatal deaths-infants who do not make it past their first month.

In Mama: True Stories of Maternal Health in Malawi, Caitlin Arlene takes you alongside her journey to uncover the anonymity of the women and children behind these critical numbers. As an eye-opening compilation of true stories that simultaneously breaks and mends your heart, Mama is a compassionate narrative that highlights the plight of women, children, families, and healthcare practitioners in the center of the maternal health crisis. Highlighting the mountains to be climbed and the peaks that have been conquered, these stories explode with a sense of urgency and hope.

I want to shout a massive THANK YOU to all of you who have been patiently watching and waiting as we’ve taken this long journey. Whether you’re a reader, a friend, or an active participant in the production of this book, you are so valuable to me!

Want to do me one more favour? Pre-order it on Amazon today! The first week of sales after the official release indicates where it will stand on the ‘best-selling’ lists, and all the pre-orders count towards those numbers!

Stay tuned for more book launch information, celebrations, and behind-the-scenes updates!

Until next time,

Caitlin Arlene

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