Why Does Preordering a Book Matter?

By now you’ll know that MAMA is ready. The book is complete, edited, and waiting its official release on October 22, 2021. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that it’s taken years to get here; from the moment the book was conceived to its final delivery date, it will have been nearly four years.

But if we’ve waited in anxious anticipation for this long, and it’s all ready to go, why are we still waiting? Great question.

There’s a period of time between a book’s official launch and when it’s available to order called the preorder phase, and it’s pretty important.

Preorders bring attention to the book.

When you preorder a book, it indicates to the publisher and platform that there is interest in the book. In a cyclic manner, the more interest that is generated, the more attention it receives from promotional platforms. More attention drives more sales which drives greater reader interest… so the cycle continues. When you preorder a book, it demonstrates to the publisher that there is an active audience.

Every preorder counts towards the first week of sales.

According to BookRiot,

“Debut authors especially need a solid showing in book preorders to prove to the publisher that they have a place in the market. An author’s best shot at landing on one of the big bestseller lists is in that first week of sales, a number that’s bolstered by preorders.”

Dana Staves, BookRiot

Did you know that the first formal week of sales is the greatest indicator for how well a book will do? Amazon in particular has an algorithm that works to increase the ranking of a book based on its sales: when a book is released, it has about one week to rise to the top lest it be buried among the rest of the books.

It helps an author out.

Sure, you might just be in it for the book. You may be only interested in the compelling content between covers. That’s valid. However, regardless of your motive to preordering a book, every single preorder helps the author out. Whether the author’s goal is to be a NewYorkTime’s bestseller, or merely to be read by a handful of people, your preorder is one extra click to getting them to their goal. On an emotional level, ordering an author’s book before its released shows that you just can’t wait to get your hands on their work – and that’s a surefire way to boost their confidence.

Every single sale counts, but a preorder is among the most valuable.

Did you know that MAMA is on sale for preorder?

Until October 22, MAMA: True Stories of Maternal Health in Malawi
is available for $18.99 After October 22, it’s scaled up to $21!

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