Why Does Preordering a Book Matter?

By now you’ll know that MAMA is ready. The book is complete, edited, and waiting its official release on October 22, 2021. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that it’s taken years to get here; from the moment the book was conceived to its final delivery date, it will have been nearly four years.Continue reading “Why Does Preordering a Book Matter?”

I’m Not Qualified For This

Psst. I have a confession to make: I’m not a maternal health expert. I’m not a nurse, midwife, or in the health care field at all. When I wrote MAMA: True Stories Of Maternal Health in Malawi, I hadn’t even graduated into motherhood yet. Aside from the desire to have a child of my ownContinue reading “I’m Not Qualified For This”

It’s Finally Here!

Add it to your calendars – Mama: True Stories of Maternal Health in Malawi is to be released on October 22, 2021! This date comes exactly three years after my return from my preliminary research trip to Malawi. Would you believe that my final interview for this book actually took place on October 22, 2018?Continue reading “It’s Finally Here!”

A Thousand Cups of Coffee

They told me that when I first began university that it was inevitable; I was doomed to be a coffee-drinker. “Accept your fate, Caitlin,” they would say. “You’re going to need that brown nectar to survive the next few years.”

But I resisted it for all it was worth.

Happy Mothers Day, Malawi!

In a convenient turn of events that was entirely unexpected and happily accepted, I was present for the celebration of mother’s day here in Malawi. Because Malawi has sanctioned mother’s day to be a national holiday, (Can we make this a thing in Canada too?) I spent the day relaxing, writing, and collecting my thoughtsContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day, Malawi!”

Introducing Gladys

Everybody, meet Gladys. Her weathered hands have raised nine children, the youngest of which is three years old. Though she’s been a mother for nearly 30 years, Gladys told me she’s learned more about raising healthy children in the past three years than she had in the 27 prior. Why? Because of the Maternal HealthContinue reading “Introducing Gladys”